Looking for the secret to business & career success? It was discovered by a philosopher, who sat around all day...

Yes, it was Socrates. And OK, he didn’t just sit around, but philosophized and became one of the most admired men in history, and rightfully so. I’m sure that you’ve heard his dictum, “Know Thyself.” But do you realize the extent to which a deficiency of self-knowledge can impact your career, business, marriage, health, happiness, sanity — indeed, all aspects of your life?


Needless to say, there are multiple factors that determine career and business success, including hard work, willingness to sacrifice for one’s goals, determination, a winnable strategy, adequate startup capital, connections, and a good measure of luck. So it would be simplistic to reduce the cause of success to one factor.

That said, the factor that is most often neglected by those seeking success — in all of life’s endeavors, from romance to politics to business — is self-knowledge. At minimum, self-knowledge will help you avoid shooting yourself in the foot. But if you thoroughly understand yourself, the road to success becomes illuminated, and rapid progress can be made!

Dr. Mark Dillof has written a White Paper that will offer you valuable suggestions on how to know yourself, understand other people, and gain insight into life’s deeper enigmas. Here are just a few examples of how such knowledge can be of value to you:

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Dr. Mark Dillof, President of Plato’s Attaché:
Life & Business Advisory

  1. Overcome your Fatal Flaw: Everyone has one, but it can be vanquished, if you’re able to discern what it is. Our White Paper offers clues.
  2. Become Centered: Amidst a sea of distractions, find your guiding star. Then you can channel your energies in a creative direction. That focus is essential, if you wish to accomplish amazing things.
  3. Become Savvy: Understanding other people and their agendas can be most advantageous. It’s equivalent to knowing, in poker, what cards they’re holding. And, if you wish to help them, you’ll be much better able to, if you truly understand them.
  4. Grasp the Big Picture: Disappointments, frustrations, and failures lose much of their sting, when you see what life’s really all about. As Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” But when you peer into the depths, you are rewarded with wisdom, as well as with the healing emotions of wonder, amazement, awe, and cosmic laughter. And more!

In just a short read, you’ll gain a plethora of valuable insights — about yourself, other people and life itself — which will provide you with a powerful competitive advantage.

Dr. Dillof’s White Paper is hot off the press and it’s FREE! So download and read it today, while it’s still available! Then, if you have any questions, drop us a line. We’d look forward to hearing from you!

"No graphs? No pie charts? Just incisive analysis? This is a White Paper of another color! I like it!" - Sam Rutabaga, CEO, Rutabaga Industries